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Engaging storytelling

Stories are the most powerful way to shape our lives and work. Here are some of our projects that have had a positive impact.
For Cheekbone beauty

Helping right the story

The Anishinaabe worldview dictates that we are not separate from the earth. Beauty brand Cheekbone extends those cultural teachings into their business and set out to reclaim the ways Indigenous peoples are represented.
For Hyundai & United Nations Development Programme

Working for a better tomorrow

A global partnership between Sid Lee, Hyundai, and the United Nations Development Programme, For Tomorrow elevates community-based innovation and sustainability solutions. See how.

Standing out at the World Changing Ideas Awards

We’re honoured to be recognized for a second year in a row at Fast Company’s 2021 World Changing Ideas Awards for our work on Build the Vote and For Tomorrow.

Flipping colour conventions for climate change

For Maple Leaf Foods, we launched six unconventional crayon colours as a way to educate families about the real cost of climate change in Canada. From Freshwater Brown to Forest Black, explore this carbon-zero initiative.
For Protect Our Winters Canada

Shutting down climate change deniers

We partnered with Protect Our Winters Canada, Canadian universities, and scientific experts to set the record straight—and bury climate change deniers in a Twitter fact avalanche.
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Collection N°2

Cultivating belonging

Communities nurture us emotionally. Discover our Belong Effect, which taps right into that and fosters belonging between brands and the communities they inhabit.
By Sid Lee

Engaging brands and communities

We made it our mission to question the meaning of community, and, more importantly, to figure out how brands can harness its incredible power.
By Sid Lee

From metaverse to IRL

Want young generations to vote? Convince them on Minecraft. That’s what we did for this partnership with Rock the Vote, a non-partisan nonprofit looking to meet and educate first-time and future voters.
By Sid Lee

Insights from our annual data trawl

Every year we nerd out on data and use the Sid Lee Belong Quotient to measure how well brands attach to communities. See how some top brands ranked.
For Tik Tok

Doing TikTok’s social

TikTok knows how to TikTok, but they were in a (ranch) pickle when it came to other social platforms. Here’s how we helped them trend.

Gathering over food

Our work for Canadian grocery chain IGA is centred on 1) the brand’s role as a community hub, and 2) on food’s uncanny ability to bring people together. Two of our favourite things.
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Collection N°3

Portraits of our people

Meet the originators, icons, collaborators and cultural pioneers that are carving out their own lanes in and around Sid Lee’s creative community.
By Sid Lee

Isabelle Allard takes design beyond beauty

Sid Lee Creative Director Isabelle Allard takes pleasure in reinvention and becoming an expert in net-new subject matter on every project. Her motto: dive in and get inspired.
By Sid Lee

Jenn Harper on creating what matters

The essence of Cheekbone Beauty—and of Jenn Harper, the brand’s founder—is a commitment to true authenticity. We asked her honestly: what was it like, working with us?
By Sid Lee

What’s cooking in the kitchen? Emmys

Part of the Sid Lee creative community, Digital Kitchen got Outstanding Main Title Design at the 72nd Emmy Awards for their work on Godfather of Harlem. Let’s uncover the makings of their award-winning recipe.


Our 3PM series welcomes local rising artists for a song and a snack. Our latest, Pierre Kwenders.
By Sid Lee

Sasha Velour’s art, and transgression

Drag legend Sasha Velour shares her behind-the-scenes perspective on her creative industry. Read some of the highlights from our magical voyage into all things Velour.
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Collection N°4

Design-forward projects

Our artisans use craft to cut through the clutter. Here’s a selection of recent work that demonstrates our fiery passion for creating.
For CN

Celebrating the brand that built a continent

We rediscovered our routes to turn CN’s centennial into a moving celebration that honoured the railway.
By Sid Lee

Boosting digital retail access

Retail is now online, but what about communities that don’t have easy access? This round-table discussion explores new solves for the limitations of virtual reach.
For Maison Mère

From empty convent to collaborative hub

Maison Mère, an iconic defunct convent, found new life as a space for innovation and creativity that celebrates and builds on the past.
For Color Canabis

High-flying colours

Color Cannabis is more than just a recreational brand of cannabis by WeedMD—it exists to inspire people to be open to the world and all its beauty.
For Ivanhoé cambridge - Espace C2

Montreal’s beacon of creativity

Overlooking downtown Montreal, the 21st floor of the revamped Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel mixes modernity and tradition by creating a unique conference haven, branded C2.
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Collection N°5

Sports and the new fandoms

Sports unite humanity and engage all generations, if you do them right. Here are some ways we’ve levelled up the playing field.
By Sid Lee

How to market sports to Gen Z

You’ve got questions about the new era of sports fandom? We’ve got answers, thanks to our survey of 1,000 people aged 18 to 25 about their relationship with sports. (Spoiler alert: you’ll be pleasantly surprised.)
For Canada Basketball

Celebrating women’s sport

Inspired by conversations with female athletes, our in-your-face campaign for Canada Basketball spotlighted the grind and undying passion of women in basketball. They play for something bigger.
For Mercedes-Benz

Making fans go wild

With Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium, we set a new standard for fan experience with an
awe-inspiring visual experience that’s out of this world. Here’s how we helped make fans go wild.
For The raptors

Championing a nation’s identity

We The North wasn’t just a campaign for the NBA’s Raptors—it was a jolt of Canadian pride and an example of how an identity-shaping truth can spark a bona fide brand crusade. They are the Raptors; we brought the North.
By Sid Lee

The future of sports sponsorship

Experts agree: it’s time to invest in female athletes. As women’s sports pull in growing audiences both onscreen and at live events, it’s no wonder this is where the smart money is going.
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