Cheekbone Beauty will “Right the Story” of Indigeneity in media

Right the Story Cheekbone Campaign

The Indigenous-owned beauty brand’s new campaign Right the Story aims to reclaim the ways that Indigenous peoples in North America are represented on screen. The feature spot was filmed in Yukon by a 95% Indigenous crew and directed by Haudenosaunee storyteller Shaunoh. It features the enigmatic voice of Zoey Roy and a poem she has penned. The people featured aren’t actors; they’re a group of real friends. 

We’re big fans of words at Sid Lee, but sometimes they don’t suffice.

Watch it here:

Cheekbone Beauty was founded by Jenn Harper in 2016. In an incredibly short time, the brand has gone from grassroots to the shelves of Sephora, and most recently won $1 million from the IDEA Competition. And they’re not rising alone. 2% of all profits go directly to organizations supporting Indigenous youth, like the First Nations Child Family & Caring Society

The Anishinaabe worldview dictates that we are not separate from the earth. Cheekbone’s founder, Jenn Harper, is empowered and emboldened by her cultural teachings, and extends them into her sustainable business strategy; Cheekbone has pledged to be zero waste by 2023. 

We’re ecstatic to see the rise of Cheekbone, and now the world is too.