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With a constantly evolving context, the professional services industry won’t get any simpler in the foreseeable future. In the B2B and financial sector, clients’ growing expectations, the multiplying of digital points of contact and the arrival of new players on the scene have overturned conventions and reinforced the necessity of acting quickly.

We believe that what leads you to stand out from your competitors isn’t your expertise, nor your services or values, but your brand DNA. In fact, we believe that by analyzing the underlying intentions of your customers, we can unearth the key insight that will give rise to the big idea — the one that will generate real value for your business.

The industry is changing

A B2B client is also a B2C client


The expectations your clients have of you are the same as those towards any other product or service: excellence, efficiency, transparency, consistency.

A strong brand is a tool for engagement


To stand out, expertise is not enough. Now brands need to rely on new engagement models to attract and retain clients and employees.

The digital and the traditional should complement each other


At one time, personal interaction was needed in order to conclude a transaction. Today, digital is an integral part of all the steps along the non-linear consumer journey.

“The practice of analysis and strategic planning brings us to core essentials which then allow us to create what really matters.”

Christian Quenneville, Vice-President of New Business Development, Partner

“The creative process allows us to express the authentic, subtle details of a brand, those we ourselves want espouse.”

Marie-Elaine Benoit, Creative Director, Partner

Here are some inspiring examples

Manifest on professional services

There’s a widening gap between businesses in general and professional service businesses when it comes to their approach to marketing and branding. We’ve noticed that professional services companies often have a certain lag in terms of marketing and sometimes struggle to sell their services. This paper encourages further conversations and will be of economic benefit to this essential industry in the throes of change. Good reading!

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