Mind: A creative leadership video series

Welcome to our creative leadership video series. Mind is offered in two different formats: the bite-sized, two-minute-or-less Mind Snack, and the thought-provoking roundtables, Mind Sparks. Focused on today’s business landscape, both video series tackle the toughest challenges and questions that either fascinate or torment businesses in specific categories or across them all.


Our industry experts deliver snackable answers to today’s most pressing business questions in under 2 minutes.

How should brands manage 1:1 communications during a crisis?

Camille Fortier-Jordan
Group Account Director, CRM

Marie Hamelin
Strategy Director, CRM


How can brands continue to contribute and feed culture in such times?

Ambroise Soulé
Lead Strategist, Yard

How do retailers stay relevant in their communities?

Alex Dimas
Architect, director, commercial division, Sid Lee Architecture

How can managers keep their teams busy, but not too busy?

Richard Jean-Baptiste
Global Head of Studio

How can brands create long term value given the current crisis?

Pauline Rosen
VP, Head of Strategy

How to deliver a successful campaign while working remotely? (video in French)

Mehdi Benali
Managing Director, Sid Lee Paris

What content strategy should a brand adopt during such times?

Jean-François Légaré
Editorial Director

How can a brand maintain its experiential marketing agenda during the pandemic?

Nicolas Van Erum
Managing Director, Partner, Sid Lee Los Angeles

What are the production options when social distancing is mandatory?

Magali Loiselle
Head of Production

What content should brands produce during the time of COVID-19?

Jean-François Légaré
Editorial Director

How should brands optimize their digital presence during COVID-19 time?

Justine Trudeau and Pier-Luc Beaulieu
Group Account Directors

Our experts do a deep dive into the business realities and issues of some of the most promising categories by connecting with a few of their most influential players. The roundtables are built around what matters today in that category, sector or market and showcase how solutions to those issues can arise from creativity and innovation. Watch each session’s highlights below.

01 — Future of work 

We will be discussing how COVID-19 has kick-started “future of work” practices that align with many brand aspirations, and what brands may be able to do to maintain these practices to advance the culture of their future organizations.
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Fanny Eliaers
Global Director, Growth and Innovation

Kirstin Hammerberg
Global VP, Business and Experience Design

02 — Sports’ new era 

We will focus on what can sports teams do right now to help create their “new normal” for the post-COVID-19 era.
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Jared Stein
EVP Growth and Innovation, Partner

Tom Koukodimos
Co-Managing Partner

03 — Accelerating digital health 

Digital health is one of the key areas that will push the limits of what healthcare can do, changing our expectations, our interactions with providers, and our health outcomes. COVID-19 has accelerated the adoption of many digital and telehealth innovations. We’ll explore the major shifts and what comes next for digital health in a post-COVID-19 world.

John Breen
Executive Director (Health Strategy)

04 — Live again

Coming Soon

When family dynamics and social gatherings have changed, how can live entertainment create, plan and schedule with renewed relevancy, empathy and hope?

Fanny Eliaers
Global Director, Growth and Innovation

Kristian Manchester
Executive Creative Director 

05 — Retail rebirth

Coming Soon

In this special roundtable moderated by Retail Prophet Founder Doug Stephens, we explore scenarios retailers can plan for post-COVID-19. What long-term shifts can retailers prepare for? What should leaders be doing differently? What will consumers need most from retail? And how can we better prepare ourselves should another crisis occur?

Doug Stephens
Retail Prophet Founder and President