Making her mark: Marie-Elaine Benoit

To highlight the contributions of women who innovate every day and dare to break the rules, here’s the first article of a portrait series on some of our inspiring creative leaders.


Art and design have always been a part of Creative Director Marie-Elaine Benoit’s life. “As a child, it almost felt like I was put on this earth to draw, paint and create.” She turned this passion into a career that inspires her on a daily basis as she explores design and defies expectations.

Dreaming of a career in illustration, some key figures at the beginning of her studies led to her exploring pure design as well as typography at UQAM’s school of design. It sparked within her the will to push the boundaries and take creation to another level through innovative ideas.

She saw the exhibit À l’abri des arbres by the art collective BGL three times, and it changed her life. It truly taught her how to take over a space and lead people through an experience.

For Marie-Elaine, design is much more than just a print piece; you’re creating an actual experience. When her and her team take on a project, they try to figure out what makes that brand unique and what its true purpose is. Then, they take that as a jumping-off point to create something unique.

It’s those special little moments you go through when trying to uncover an idea that motivates her as a creator. “You don’t know how it’s going to come to life. You’re brainstorming, people are coming up with ideas, and that’s when you start to feel like you’re getting somewhere, that the idea will be transformative. That’s really the most exciting moment.”

Within her most recent creative projects lies a notable interest in circular design, her current obsession. It means working with design to come up with ideas that no one else has thought of before, transform a brand and, most importantly, have a positive impact on the environment.

Along with her team, she’s able to find inspiration, create, and shed light on the people she works with. You can always find her with a pencil in her hand, down on the floor, surrounded by her colleagues, notes and sketches, searching for the very best idea.

Throughout her 18-year career, Marie-Elaine has left her mark on many projects that stand out due to their conceptual approach and intelligent design.

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