#FactBack: Fighting climate change disinformation on Twitter

Many climate change deniers and even some politicians use Twitter to spread disinformation regarding climate change. At a time when the impact of climate change is being felt everywhere and global initiatives such as the 2019 UN Climate Summit and the Global Climate Strike are taking place, POW Canada and Sid Lee creatives joined forces to create the online tool Fact Avalanche.

Right now, only 3% of the content regarding climate change on Twitter is from an expert scientific source, and climate change deniers get 49% more visibility in the media and online compared to scientists. POW Canada wanted to change that.

Whenever an influential climate change denier or political figure tweets a falsity about climate change, the Fact Avalanche sends participants an alert via SMS, email or Slack, inviting them to respond together using proven scientific facts from universities and other partners, burying every false climate change tweet under a massive amount of truth.

POW hopes that the initiative will help to fight misinformation and skepticism surrounding climate change while educating people on the issue, and that by bringing unbiased scientific facts to the conversation, climate actions will become a common priority for all, no matter their political views.


To join the Fact Avalanche community, visit the website

To learn more about the initiative, read the article about it on Fast Company.