Sid Lee hosts Joe Beef to discuss the art of advertising

With C2 Montréal right around the corner, we’re reminiscing about our recent in-house seminar with Dave McMillan, Chef and Entrepreneur of Joe Beef, Frederic Morin, Chef and Owner of Joe Beef, and Meredith Erickson, Co-Author of Surviving the Apocalypse. The discussion, led by Jared Stein, EVP Growth & Innovation and Partner at Sid Lee Toronto, featured guests from the media and clients from tier one brands. The popular event drew insight on growing a business from the ground up, amplifying the talents of a wide array of young, ambitious and often transient workforce, and the importance of staying on the cutting edge of culture.

Morin and McMillan sat with us after the seminar to further highlight the similarities between running a successful business in the culinary world and in the creative industry. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at our conversation.


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