Toronto FC and Sid Lee are making a big deal

Following the announced signing of star English striker Jermain Defoe from the English Premier League’s Tottenham Hotspur, Toronto FC has partnered with Sid Lee to create a campaign that magnifies this milestone move.

The idea for the campaign was born from the insight that, historically, soccer isn’t seen as big news in North America until it has become “footie news” across the pond. Through this insight, we created the campaign message, It’s A Bloody Big Deal, a nod to Defoe’s past and a declaration that his future in soccer is in Toronto.

“Our idea for the campaign came pretty early on – let’s elevate the magnitude of Jermain Defoe swapping Tottenham for TFC by having a bit of fun with how people might react to the news in Great Britain”, explains Jeffrey DaSilva, Creative Director at Sid Lee.