Digital Kitchen

Resorts World Las Vegas

Glow - Resorts World Las Vegas

Digital Kitchen’s latest work is a stunning piece of media architecture called GLOW, a collection of 5 shows designed to turn heads on the most visually competitive space on earth: the Las Vegas strip. 

Resorts World Las Vegas is the first new resort the strip has seen in over a decade, and features some of the largest screens in North America. Digital Kitchen was challenged to bring the property to life in a manner that captured the essence of Vegas as a playground for millions of people from diverse walks of life. So came GLOW.

Beyond neon signs

GLOW’s 5 shows run day and night on RWLV’s 100,000 square foot exterior display, mirrored by a globe-like screen in the lobby and several others throughout the resort. The visual experience features a curated collection of five joyfully psychedelic short films that pay tribute to the surrealism and glamour of Vegas.

The five digital artscapes

Las Vegas has a heartbeat. Each night Bellagio’s fountains throttle to the air, The Mirage’s artificial volcano spews fire and smoke, and, now, RWLV joins the chorus with GLOW. Each of the 5 shows employ distinct art styles, ranging from an interdimensional 2D cat explorer to a love story produced by motion captured dancers. Each show is matched with an original cinematic soundtrack. Their shared quality is their optical weight: a stunning burst of psychedelic colour and form.

“Vintage Vegas” re-lives the ‘modern era’ of Vegas, taking viewers on a journey down Las Vegas Boulevard.
"Neon Space" is a psychedelic journey into space featuring an animated feline named Cheddar.
"Dance Story" is a surreal motion-capture love story told through dance.
“24k Magic” is a story of luxe gold rooted in Resorts World’s luxurious setting.
"Wanderlust" is an illustrated excursion across the globe to visit the other Resorts World locations.
GLOW is turning heads off the strip, too – it recently took home Platinum at the MUSE awards in the Experiential & Immersive category.