Would you put this on your lips?

glossed over
Cheekbone Beauty has announced a release of three new lipglosses inspired by lead, E. Coli, and mercury. Interested in wearing them?

Probably not. So why is it that 13.5% of Indigenous communities in Canada have tap water that contains the same contaminants?

The #GlossedOver campaign was created to spotlight these injustices, raise funds to solve them, and affirm Cheekbones’ stalwart commitment to standing by their values. “It’s time to stop glossing over this issue,” quotes Jenn Harper, the company’s founder and CEO. “Everyone should have access to clean, safe drinking water.”

The real meaning of clean beauty

Sephora Canada (who partnered with Cheekbone in 2021) will be donating all proceeds from the sale of Cheekbone Beauty products in the month of June to Water First.

Water First provides opportunities for Indigenous youth to get hands-on training in environmental studies and drinking water treatment in order to pursue careers that will benefit their communities clean water supply.

By the Collective

#GlossedOver was forged in the fires of Sid Collective (est. 1993), our creative incubator that enables artisans from all departments to pitch ideas and make them come to life. It’s the embodiment of our ethos to break boundaries, especially when doing so creates work that matters.

“From the start, this wasn’t just about creating something,” says Peter Srecovik, a Copywriter who pitched the project to the Collective. “It was about trying to target an issue that by all accounts shouldn’t be an issue in this country.”