The 5 orange wines we’re loving right now

Spring has sprung!

Chilly picnics, sun-soaked afternoons, and vibrant fresh dishes on patios. All made brighter by a bottle of crisp orange wine.

Sid Lee may have evolved past our olden party days of lore, but we still like a tipple—as our avid wine club can attest. These days our artisans have been putting their feet up and enjoying a macerated grape or two in celebration of the lengthening sun.

Orange you interested?

Orange wine originated 8,000 years ago in the Republic of Georgia, where it was aged underground in ancient clay vessels called qvevri, or amphorae. It’s made from white grapes that are fermented with their skin on (as opposed to having them removed, which produces classic white wines). This results in a staggering variety of eclectic and warm flavours ranging from woody and nutty to crisp. They’re also known for being particularly aromatic. 


Ready to take the plunge? Here are some of our favourite bottles. 


01. Megalomaniac Grounded Niagara 2020

Pepper, bergamot, marled, rhubarb and vegetal notes. The Montreal-born creator, John Howard, wanted to name it after himself. His friends told him that would be a megalomaniac move. Hence, the name. 


02. Calcarius Nu Litr Orange

Mellow, smooth introduction if you’re unfamiliar with orange wine. Broad citrus and fruit flavours with a light hint of floral honey. 


03. Costador Metamorphika Xarel-lo Amphorae 2020

A marvel from the heights of Catalonia, on the Mediterranean Coast. Dry, full-bodied and opulent. No trace of sweetness.


04. Paraschos Orange One 2018

Our in-house wine expert, JC Laniel, declares it a classic. Unfiltered from the vines of San Floriano, Italy, known for its northerly wind. Unpretentious and fit for aperitifs.


05. Orangeade 2018

A light orange wine by Opi D’Aqui made from the clairette grape variety. A slightly more devilish introduction to the genre.