Ask a Client — Cirque du Soleil’s Sheila Morin

As Senior Director, Marketing and Brands for Cirque du Soleil, Sheila Morin has made an art out of juggling business and pleasure. She answers questions about life, work and everything in between.


What’s your brand’s superpower? 
The power to create emotional moments. We create emotions that transform the days and lives of people around the world, that bring people to their feet, that open up their sense of wonder and expand their sense of awe far beyond anything they’ve ever imagined. We create jaw-dropping, mind-blowing, breathtaking moments.


What’s the most useful thing you learned in school? 
I went to business school and I don’t remember much about my courses, but I do remember everything I learned by being part of student associations—from project management to prioritizing, communications, leadership and promotion. Those are the experiences that trained me to be a leader.


What makes you laugh the hardest? 
When somebody falls over. In my family we watch videos of people falling over all the time. We laugh a lot. I love laughing and crying—both feel so good. 


Who are your biggest influences, both within and outside the business world? 
The people, the consumers. We do all of this for them. We should listen to them more. They should be our most important influence.


What’s the best piece of advice you ever got, and who was it from? 
My current boss always asks me the so-called “why” for everything I do. It’s basic, but it definitely forces me to work on what is important and to always be ready to defend the rationale behind my decisions.


Where will you shift your focus in 2019 and beyond?
As the Cirque du Soleil Entertainment group is growing fast, we need to be more efficient. My goal in 2019 is to find better ways of working, optimize our time, and make sure the focus and priorities are clear within my team.


Are you having fun? What keeps you motivated?
I’m easily motivated. I love brands, marketing, consumers, advertising. It doesn’t feel like a real job. I feel privileged and lucky to be passionate about what I do.