AdAge’s pick: SKYN Save Intimacy with Sid Lee Paris

Technology is killing sex.

As we near 50 years since the birth of the sexual revolution, we’re faced with an all too real reality: that we’re having less sex now than we did a generation ago. That’s right. For the first time since the second World War, love-making rates are going down. As the brand of intimacy, SKYN® has something to say about that.

"Today it's easier to look at strangers' everyday lives on Instagram than it is to meet someone in person. When watching online films and TV series gained popularity in France, for example, sexual relations dropped 10%," explain Céline and Clément Mornet-Landa, creative directors at Sid Lee Paris.

With help of Sid Lee Paris, SKYN® has launched a new platform centered around one resounding purpose: Save Intimacy, which is about celebrating technology that brings you closer.

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