FitSpirit & Sid Lee share a love story which should never come to an end

At puberty, one in two girls quit sports. This week, Canadian not-for-profit, FitSpirit, launches a campaign to celebrate the expansion of the organization and their activities over the past ten years. They are looking to inspire teenage girls to uncover and rediscover the advantages of physical activity.

In partnership with Sid Lee, the organization’s objectives for this campaign are to inspire young girls to rekindle their love of sports. “Knowing that when girls quit sports, they are quitting something they love. We thought it would be interesting to wrap that message in a teen romance where sports is the one asking for a second chance.” says Brian Gill, Creative Director at Sid Lee. Launching in both English and French, the campaign is presented as a love letter to teenage girls, encouraging them to give sports a second chance. FitSpirit wants to inspire girls to remain active, and remember how important sports are, not only for their health, but their overall well-being. 

 “By encouraging these young women to remain active and keep their love of sports strong, we’re encouraging a healthier and stronger future,” says Claudine Labelle, founder and president, FitSpirit. “By adopting a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle, girls can develop greater self-esteem and confidence, ultimately maximizing their potential.”

“Joining FitSpirit opened another door in my life, allowing me to become a healthier person,” says Kayla Yitts, participant of FitSpirit. “This program made me realize you can achieve more if you're having fun and if you're determined enough to accomplish it.”