Nights by Absolut in Johannesburg

Nights by Absolut in Johannesburg
As announced, Absolut and Sid Lee recently kicked off Nights by Absolut, a global series of one-of-a-kind experiences that will inject a heavy dose of creativity into nightlife in four major cities; New York, Johannesburg, Berlin and Sao Paolo.

Off to a great start in NYC on September 12th, Nights was ready for its second stop in Johannesburg this weekend.

On September 20, in the bushveld outside of Johannesburg, Absolut and Sid Lee along with artist Charles Gadeken, transformed the conventional dancefloor by making attendees the catalyst for an explosive pyrotechnic show.

A Massive Cube and Pyrotechnic effects

The party was held in a custom–built sloping cube which looked like it had been dropped from space, with two shimmering mirrored sides which reflected the incredible landscape. The other sides and the roof were transparent allowing the pyrotechnic show which included fuel mines, methanol mines, gerb fountains, comets and flamaniacs to fully immerse the audience so they felt like they could almost touch the show (whilst safely inside the cube.)

As the night reached fever pitch, fuelled by Spoek Mathambo and the Fantasmas, the audience's dancing triggered more and more pyrotechnics for the incredible event climax.

Browse through the gallery below to see some of the pictures from this epic night!