ADC announces Philippe Meunier as new board president

ADC announces Philippe Meunier as new board president
ADC, the first global creative collective of its kind, announced today the appointment of Philippe Meunier, our Creative Chief and Co-Founder, as President of the ADC Board of Directors.

"ADC is extremely proud to welcome Philippe as our Board President,” said ADC Executive Director Ignacio Oreamuno. “Sid Lee is an exemplary model of the agency of the future that ADC is fighting for; meaning an agency that doesn't differentiate between design, experiential or traditional. Sid Lee has been integral to the transformation at ADC, as we continue to work hard to build the new Club. Expect a lot more to come from their participation,” Oreamuno continued.

Phil and Sid Lee have already worked alongside ADC on a number of initiatives, including ADC’s new branding, announced earlier this year. Sid Lee also designed the innovative new ADC Awards Traveling Exhibition, a globe-spanning showcase that features the very best winning work from the ADC Annual Awards, ADC Young Guns and the Tomorrow Awards.

Building bridge between creative communities

Co-founder of Sid Lee, Philippe is responsible for all of the agency’s creative output. Thanks to his multidisciplinary approach and the creative team he oversees, Sid Lee has received numerous and prestigious awards and accolades.

Sid Lee’s offices in Montreal, Toronto, New York, Paris and Amsterdam provide Phil with strong ties to the creative communities not only in North America, but across Europe as well. Assuming the post as the 59th President of the ADC will, according to Phil, allow him to strengthen the ties between these creative communities: “I am excited about the opportunity to connect the creative and craft talent pool in these cities with the creative epicenter that is New York” he says.

A more multidisciplinary ADC

Phil’s overarching goal as ADC President is to continue the efforts of outgoing ADC President Benjamin Palmer to make the organization even more multidisciplinary. “I am a firm believer that the industry neither can nor should be broken into separate disciplines” he says. “The ADC is an institution that does not only help enable creative careers it also connects them to their surrounding environments. To do so, it is essential that we embrace creativity in all its forms and remain open to all creative disciplines” he finishes.

Additionally appointed to join the ADC Board of Directors are Jae Goodman, Co-Chief Creative Officer and Co-Head of CAA Marketing; Kim Hastreiter, Co-Editor-in-Chief and Founder of Paper Magazine; Otis D. Gibson, Founder and CCO of GERTRUDE, Inc.; entrepreneur Paul Woolmington; and Piers North, Creative at Spring Studios.

Phil will assume the duties as President effective on October 7. To learn more about the ADC Board of Directors, please visit here.

About ADC

ADC is the first global organization to celebrate and award leaders in creative communications. Founded by Louis Pedlar in 1920 to ensure that advertising was judged by the same stringent standards as fine art, ADC remains committed more than 90 years later to championing the importance of art and craft in advertising and design. ADC is a nonprofit membership organization boasting one of the most concentrated groups of creative talent in the world. Its mission is to Connect creative professionals around the globe, while simultaneously Provoking and Elevating world-changing ideas through its programming. From its Manhattan gallery to its international membership base, ADC provides a neutral forum for creatives of all levels to network, learn and grow.