Sid Lee in Mexico with Facebook

Over the past months, we’ve had the chance to work with Facebook on several projects to help build growth in emerging markets. Our latest project was focused on promoting and using Messenger in Mexico.

To do so, a few members of the Sid Lee NYC team flew to Mexico to shoot a social experiment a little more than four months ago. The idea was to tell the story of a small town boy and his journey around Mexico with Messenger. We found a young man, Cris Nunez, who had never left the tiny town he grew up in, and who, as he grew older, wanted to see more of his Mexican homeland. So we had the people in Mexico show him around through Facebook comments and various points of engagement. The project is now coming to an end, and we have created this video to explain how Cris interacted with hundreds of thousands of Mexicans throughout his journey around the country. Check out the final video in Spanish or with English subtitles.

Video of the campaign