ABSOLUT launches bold new campaign

The new campaign, called Transform Today, is the first result of the new partnership between Sid Lee and  Absolut. The bold and game-changing campaign aims to connect with the creative spirit in us all and to inspire artistic transformation around the world. To do so,  Absolut collaborates with four young cutting-edge artists, who each craft their work by changing or breaking things and challenging conventions.

Belonging to four different art disciplines, the artists represent transformation in different ways: Woodkid is a French multi-talent who constantly transforms from illustrator to designer to director to musician; Aaron Koblin is an American digital media artist with one foot in art and one in technology, and is known for his transformative visualization of digital data; Yiqing Yin is an emerging fashion designer from France who has already challenged and transformed the traditional world of haute couture; finally, Rafael Grampá is a Brazilian graphic novel artist who transforms graphic design by looking at each page he creates as choreography.

The new brand ethos was introduced in the US during preview events in Brooklyn and San Francisco, where entire streets were transformed into local artist showcases to demonstrate the type of tangible transformation that audiences can expect from upcoming phases of the campaign. For the official global launch, the four creative collaborations will be introduced with a TV commercial, a series of print ads, and an online campaign. 

In addition to a 60- and a 30-second spot, there are also four back-stories presenting the artists’ views on transformation. 
All videos are available at or at the Absolut YouTube channel.

See Absolut Transform Today campaign