Consumer Packaged Goods

Standing out on the shelf means disrupting with intention and reflecting the lifestyles, needs, and motivations of your audience. Today’s fast-growing brands innovate outside the box and elevate customer experiences.

From selling to shelf presence to demand generation, consumer-goods success requires staying on top of trends and acquiring new skills as the industry evolves. With over three decades of experience elevating CPG products, we shape our extensive expertise in strategy, design, and marketing to fit your unique business challenges.

Cultivating CPG success

Prepare for tomorrow
An effective visual identity and packaging design system will create ties with consumers that go deeper than any one product and last well beyond any one moment.
State your purpose
We help you define the larger role you play in the world so that customers root for your success and do your marketing for you.
Reflect your audience
Future-focused brands embrace the distinct drivers of today’s diverse communities to create enduring emotional bonds.

Results of past collaborations

01 —
Creation of the $2 billion kombucha category


02 —
Twofold increase in sales in less than a year for a hard-seltzer brand

03 —
Reinvention of the cottage-cheese category

04 —
National expansion of a fresh-juice brand; 50% sales increase in 6 months

“This has been an unprecedented, seamless partnership. Their work is out of this world, strategically and creatively. They have zero ego, and both our brands are better for it.”

Cari Mosher, Brand Design Manager, General Mills

“We are extremely pleased with customer adoption of Starbucks VIA Ready Brew. Hitting $100 million in global sales in less than a year is a terrific accomplishment.”

Howard Schulz, former CEO, Starbucks

“We’re thrilled with our new packaging design. It’s our first step towards embracing a unified global positioning for Doritos.”

Taylor Jenkins, Brand Manager, Doritos

How we’re impacting the CPG industry