The Impactful Reminder

Vision Zero x City of Montreal

Turning Montreal’s streets into an impactful exhibit

In partnership with Vision Zero and the City of Montreal, an interactive exhibit that aimed to spread public awareness about the dangers of texting and driving took to the city’s streets. Mangled vehicles modeled after the totaled cars involved in real texting and driving accidents were created and set up downtown, inviting interaction from the public and educating visitors on the tragic repercussions of paying more attention to your phone than the road.

Manifesting the real terrors of texting and driving

Each car wreck was accompanied by an SMS-shaped airbag printed with the text message responsible for causing the corresponding crash. In order to hear the story behind the accident, visitors were prompted to send the same text that caused the crash to the phone number associated with the car. They then received calls from the victim or a family member telling the story of how this accident has personally affected them long-term.

Making the road a safer place

Although 98% of Canadians agree that texting and driving is dangerous, 35% admit to having done it. The Impactful Reminder served as a powerful public reminder intended to reduce texting and driving by demonstrating the permanent impact of this negligent behavior, while providing a way to solve the issue.

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