Réno-Dépôt, one of Quebec’s largest homegrown hardware stores, wanted to promote the SICO paint product line and its plethora of colours. To do so, we developed the Swatches campaign. The campaign’s concept is quite simple, yet the technology behind it isn’t. Using a custom sensor that paired colors, we showcased SICO’s 1800 colors paint line to consumers in real-time.

The first initiative, Sky Swatches, would detect the color of the sky, match it to one of SICO’s paint colors, and broadcast its name on a digital billboard. The second initiative was a web banner application that would match any colour rolled over on a website in real-time. The third one, Street Swatches, was a bus shelter that matched the color of every passing object from bystanders to passing traffic. As for our last initiative, the consumers were able to take this technology into their own hands with Live Swatches, a mobile device application made available on the App Store.

The multiyear campaign demonstrated the wide range of SICO paints whilst allowing consumers to be inspired by colors from their everyday lives.