Mobilizing a movement


With the most controversial period in recent political history in our midst, a group of activists took it upon themselves to disrupt political norms and shake up the status quo.

MoveOn, the pioneers of digital activism, sought to reposition and reinvigorate its brand and digital platforms to make a highly effective impact.  In order to combat the current political climate, we needed to be bold and strike the right chords.

Establishing a digital army

We equipped MoveOn with a more engaging platform to mobilize its 7 million members, created a cohesive digital experience, and built a brand to empower the next generation of activists to get the ball rolling on movements and influence political outcomes in the US.

Coming together in the name of positive political change

Rooted in this idea of mobilization, the identity we designed represents many voices coming together to fight for progress under the banner of justice, democracy, peace, care, and equality—all values that, as our research shows, instill a sense of union among Americans.

Along with the brand, we transported MoveOn’s digital platforms into the 21st century with an updated website that's technically on par with the best digital platforms in the world.

Stirring up the world to encourage much-needed action

This dynamic, digital-first brand makes MoveOn relevant and ready to disrupt today’s complex political climate. It is powerful, bold, uplifting, standing for unity and action in an age of political polarization and confusion.