Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium wanted to set a new standard for fan experience with an awe-inspiring visual experience that was out of this world.

The stadium had redefined the concept of a jumbotron with a full 360-degree screen that provided everyone with the best seat in the house no matter where they were. Scattered throughout the stadium, additional screens of assorted shapes and forms connected together into one cohesive experience. Since 2016, we’ve partnered with the stadium to conceptualize and bring to life a breathtaking visual tapestry that redefines the game-day experience.

Sparking the audience’s excitement before, during, and after the game

For us, the task was simple: make fans go wild. We know how special game day is to fans, and we aimed to celebrate each game and engage with fans on an unparalleled level. We also provided a reel of unique content to play during special events to keep the entertainment rolling and the energy high at all times.

Engaging fans and creating community through the love of their city

While working with the Mercedes-Benz team, we were challenged to create an experience that could inject energy in the crowd before games while bringing everyone together with an entertaining visual spectacular they’d never forget.

Our thinking behind the concept was rooted in the city’s unique history. Atlanta, founded by the joining of two major railroads in the 1800s, and today home to the world’s busiest airport, is a town anchored in connection. With this in mind, we found inspiration in the golden spike: a ceremonial spike driven into the ground to represent a great union. This idea spurred a wave of engagement that’s taken on a life of its own, uniting a community of fans passionate about their sport and their city.