Made by McGill


Made by McGill is a campaign, a branding platform, and a rallying cry to unite students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors and the general public in Quebec, Canada, and around the world. Most importantly, it’s an invitation to McGill’s trailblazers, dreamers and innovators to come together to make the future theirs.

The campaign embodies the resilience, strength, determination and optimism that is core to the character of McGillians past, present and future.

Designed to unite the community with a strong narrative, embolden students to face tomorrow’s toughest problems, and raise $2B to open doors to more dreamers and drive life-changing research, the new branding is itself determined, eclectic and optimistic, but above all, it is quite literally made by McGill. The campaign is authentically made by the community. From those who appear in the videos to those who lent their voices to the narration, not to mention those who performed the score, all were true McGillians.

Made by McGill is an ode to the eclectic McGill experience. An experience of self-made leaders. An experience that is built and made to be built upon. An experience that is not handed down, but collectively made by McGillians.

It is a design system, an anthem, a video series, a website, and tools that are all distinctly McGill.