Bradley International Terminal


For LAX’s new Bradley International Terminal, the focus on the intersection of sculpture, story, and brand resulted in an unprecedented visual experience.

Today’s travelers don’t prioritize on-board entertainment—they have their own gadgets and devices for that. However, they are open to experiencing new visual languages and experiences, so we adopted a sculptural approach in creating a new narrative with passengers that fit into the emotional dream-state of travel. An entire branding ecosystem was thus created for the LAX Bradley Terminal West, including original marks, branded animated forms, and a full array of information display and color systems that were carefully integrated into the airport’s technology.

Branding the most misunderstood city in the world

As one of the largest public works project in Los Angeles’s history, the Bradley International Terminal stands as one of the city’s most notable branding opportunities. When it came to creating the brand story for the City of Angels, we expressed L.A.’s heart not in its landmarks, film business, shopping, beaches or weather, but in its reputation in the public sphere.

We focused on the countless rich sub-cultures thriving just out of sight. From airbrushed vans and curious museum ladies to surfers and suburban skaters, all of our work produced in L.A. was driven by the simple idea that freedom is on the horizon.

Using sculptures to encourage tranquility

We transformed the traditional idea of sculpture, giving it our own twist. Our CG work acts as a calming digital abstract kinetic sculpture, honoring flight and freedom from gravity.

Exposing the beauty that exists in the everyday and the romance of travel

A series of destination city portraits were created for Barcelona, Bangkok, and Seoul. For this project, we approached filmmaking from the point of view of the real-world traveler. Rather than featuring famous landmarks with commercial reputations, we sought out the magic that exists in the everyday. From a Thai exercise class at dawn to a butcher shop in Barcelona to young BMX bikers gathering under a bridge in Seoul, we put the spotlight on genuine moments that make the world worth exploring.