This is not a prototype


The Honda e, the automobile brand’s all-new electric car, is not a prototype – it’s a dream come true. Unlike most car manufacturers who showcase prototypes that will never reach the streets, Honda’s prototype came to be just as it was designed – just as it was conceptualized. The Honda e is physical proof of how powerful dreams can be, as illustrated through our film, digital platform and teaser campaign. The film This Is Not a Prototype highlights the creation process of a dream car: no guidelines and total freedom, it’s a car designed from a blank page. It represents the power of believing, the importance of challenging conventions, and the beauty of dreams becoming reality.

To help support the Honda e’s pre-order already available in Europe, we created a product page encompassing the car’s story, inviting users to explore this dream-turned-reality for themselves. The landing page evolves around a 3D model of the Honda e, allowing users to discover its most striking features as they scroll through the page. The platform’s storyline is as fluid as the car itself, presenting its many different features progressively.
The film and product page follow 2019’s build-up campaign, “Dreamers,” which gave us a first glimpse at the electric vehicle, highlighting the e’s different features through the words of two individuals who dare to dream big as well. “Dreamers” presents an inspiring vision that anything is possible, showcasing the many aspects that make the Honda e a dream come true.