Constellation Cannabis

Constellation Cannabis

Premium within reach

Constellation’s market of professionals, ages 25 to 35, are establishing their identities, building careers, getting engaged, and buying homes. To speak to them, we needed to create more than a cannabis brand. We needed to stand for something greater. So, we designed a brand for the doers. Something to live up to.

Elevating the social experience

Unlike competitors, we focused on the actual customer experience — social moments akin to opening a good bottle of wine. The result is a lifestyle brand. One that values ambition and hard work, as well as time spent unwinding and connecting with friends.

More to be discovered

Confident, unexpected, and enticing, our creative concept draws from night sky constellations as holders of stories and meaning, and as guides for explorers. We searched the stars to find the Serpens constellation, a symbol of medicine and healing, mythology and folklore. The brand is based upon this mystical serpent and what it represents, from strategy and narrative to visual identity and packaging, that merges science and wonder, head and heart. Ideal for a product that’s both technically rigorous and tended by hand.