Coca-Cola and Sid Lee Toronto extend the “Share a Coke” campaign to prove sharing happiness has the power to overcome even the oldest, and most bitter rivalry in Canada.


How could Coca-Cola extend its global “Share a Coke” campaign and activate it in a way that would be relevant to, and meaningful for Canadians?


We would tap Canada’s age-old rivalry between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadiens to show that a simple moment of happiness can break down barriers. On the night of the season opening game between the two teams in October 2014, we installed a vending machine in each city that dispensed a free Coke when the button was pressed. The catch? It was dispensed to a fan in the other city. Fans used a video screen on the front connecting the two machines to convince – and also tease – their rivals to do so.


Despite plenty of teasing and trash talk between Leafs and Canadiens fans, both machines sold out of their supply by the end of the night, and brought Canadians together.