Meet Perfection

For 135 years, Absolut has been made in the same small southern Swedish village of Åhus. All the pristine water and fine winter wheat sourced to craft every drop of Absolut comes from one 75-mile radius around Åhus. These ideal conditions combined with Absolut’s craftsmanship standard of “unnecessarily good” are what make the “perfect vodka.”


Over the last decade, new “premium” vodka brands have flooded the US market. They have new brand spokespeople, newly designed bottles, and new distillation methods. Millennial consumers are not aware that Absolut was the first premium vodka and that it has continued crafting vodka to the highest standards to this day.


We found that craftsmanship – the genuine effort and hard work that goes into production – is the most important driver of quality. So we created modern imagery and messaging to reintroduce consumers to the premium vodka category.

We showed that the beauty is the details – from every bottle to every cocktail to every drop. The iconic Absolut silhouette is shown in a bold, mouthwatering close-up and cocktails mixed with Absolut vodka are featured in such close-up, delicious glory, you can almost taste them.


This quality story was told from print and outdoor executions to a digital experience which brought consumers deeper into the story on

The quality hub performed well, with high engagement. The average session was 57 seconds, in 30,804 overall sessions. The hub also had only 15.16% bounce rate, where typical spirits sites have ~60% bounce rate, due to age gating.