Keep up with the Unconventional

At Sid, we do things atypically. From the very layout of our offices to the innovative thrust of our campaigns, we embrace the unconventional with open arms. This ethos even extends to our newsletters, which gave birth to the Atypical Report. Sent out quarterly, it features thought pieces by industry leaders and artisans who have stepped off the beaten path. These individuals understand that atypical thinking gives birth to campaigns with lasting impact.

In our first edition, our Global Chief Creative Officer Kris Manchester, an anglophone growing up in Quebec, navigates the daily balance between English and French, finding it offers unique perspectives, particularly useful in Sid Lee's brainstorming sessions. He compares this diversity of ideas to Daniel H. Pink's "symphonic thinking" concept, aimed at staying innovative in a conformist industry. In our second edition, our VP of Strategy, Geraldine Tixier, explains how embracing friction and engaging in genuine conversations with consumers (rather than staying within echo chambers) fosters innovation and leads to impactful results.

In the coming months, we want to explore and understand the uniqueness of information processing to show that everyone has unique strengths because of how they see the world.

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