Three stories of ingenuity for Tomorrow

Hyundai for tomorrow image with 4 people

May 6 marked the release of Taking Steps, for Tomorrow’s debut video produced by Sid Lee and Nation of Artists.

Six months ago, Sid Lee brought to life the momentous partnership between Hyundai Motor Company and the UNDP’s Accelerator Labs. The project, for Tomorrow, empowers grassroots innovators from across the globe who are devising solutions to climate and social problems such as mobility, waste management, and urban living. The goal of the project is to accelerate progress towards the world’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Taking Steps features three social entrepreneurs and their solutions to climate or social-related problems in their local communities. The video is a celebration of the work achieved in the six months since for Tomorrow’s onset, and marks its continued stride to meeting the Global Goals.

Below are the three changemakers from Nigeria, Nepal, and the United Kingdom.

Electrical engineer Onah Angela Amaka creates solar-powered lanterns for her village to use as streetlights in the evening.

Sonika Manandhar and her partner Tiffany Tong devised a microcredit system specifically for the women in Kathmandu, Nepal who drive safa tempo electric buses. The system offers the women access to funds they had trouble acquiring, ensuring that their eco-friendly alternatives to private automobiles stay on the streets.

Across the ocean, Cian Sherwin and his U.K. team developed and concept-tested prototypes of incredible machines that redistribute ocean water in order to fill the dangerous gaps in sea ice.

“Many people wake up every morning wanting to contribute to positive change, and wondering how they can do it,” notes Alba.


Here’s how three people did it.