Inspired — Driscoll Reid

We’ve been scouring the world with open eyes and ears to bring you sparks of inspiration. Here’s Driscoll Reid’s latest source of inspiration.


“Alfonso Cuarón won the Oscar for Best Director and Best Cinematography for Roma, and like a François Truffaut or Fellini film, you can almost pause it at any moment and it would be an exquisitely perfect photograph. Set in the early 1970s, Roma is based on Cuarón’s childhood in Mexico City and the life of his family’s in-house caretaker. For me as an American, it was a real statement on the current state of politics, indigenous people, and people who are caretakers. I love films that provoke so much thought. And the editing is so surprising: there are moments when 4 minutes go by without a single cut. It’s almost voyeuristic – you feel like you’re standing there on the street watching life, versus being fed film. For me that was really fresh and exciting. I think because it was created with Netflix, outside the typical channels of Hollywood, Cuarón was able to retain this freedom and creative control. It’s given me even more respect for Netflix and the kind of story they’re able to tell and represent.” ­— Driscoll Reid, Executive Creative Director, Sid Lee L.A.