Power Duo joins Sid Lee LA as new Executive Creative Directors

We’re welcoming Mariota Essery and Driscoll Reid as the new Executive Creative Directors joining our vibrant leadership team in Los Angeles!

“Their extraordinary talent and particular approach to solving creative challenges is a huge asset to us and our clients, and we look forward to seeing the great things that we will accomplish together,” says Phil Meunier, Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder.

The pair have enjoyed long careers, bringing more than 20 years of combined experience. They have worked in cities like London, Tokyo, Amsterdam and Cape Town. The duo brings boldness to the global agency, in addition to Mariota’s ability to speak Zulu and Driscoll’s slight obsession with Star Wars.

Tasked with leading the LA office’s creative efforts, the pair is behind the creation of The North Face's latest digital spots and the official NFL anthem for Yahoo Sports. We welcome them to Sid Lee and can't wait to see what they'll do next!

Mariota Essery

Why Sid Lee?

“As someone who comes from another country, I’ve finally found an agency in the US that embraces different cultures. There are no egos and their general kindness and respect overall is highly valued in this industry,” notes Mariota.

Driscoll Reid

Why Sid Lee?

“I’ve always admired Sid Lee from afar for being a bit of an oddball," says Driscoll. "I’ve always tried to create work that’s different and not hit the same note every time, and I think Sid Lee prides itself on truly being different. I am glad to continue to be a part of that.”