Sid Lee Land is back! (and not only for the Summer)

Sid Lee Land is back and not only for the Summer.

The race for a coveted internship at Sid Lee has officially begun! Students who dream of changing the world through creativity will be given the chance to discover their full potential at Sid Lee. We’re inviting students from across the world to get a taste of real agency life through our Sid Lee Land internship program.

Want to know what’s better than a Summer internship? Year-round internships! For our fifth edition, there will be not just one, but three internship periods, to fit around students’ schedules and so we can accommodate as many students as possible.

The chosen candidates will work on real projects, for real clients. They’ll pitch, they’ll brief, they’ll create, and most importantly, they’ll make a real difference. Plus they’ll be part of a collective of individuals who all share the same values: kindness, innovation, collaboration, madness, and determination.

With this global initiative, students can apply for an internship at any of our locations including Montreal, Toronto, Los Angeles or Paris. The program is open to all kinds of promising talents — from aspiring strategists, account executives and experiential designers, to budding creative technologists, art directors and copywriters.

Visit the Sid Lee Land website for all full list of opportunities’ available at