Think your corporate brand is unique? Think again.

Sitting in front of a CEO, Christian Quenneville knows what will be the very first question he’s going to hear: “What do you think about my brand?” As Sid Lee’s Vice-President of Business Development, Quenneville has faced this question countless times. Always, the same answer comes to his mind: “It’s not about what I think of your brand. It’s about how your employees see your brand. It’s about what your clients think about your brand. It’s about how you create action through motivation.”

Face it, you’re no special snowflake. You’re not that different from the competition.

“In other words, if you compare any top 5 industry contenders, you’ll see that finding a true distinction is difficult at first,” points out Quenneville. “They’re all about the same size, with the same type of projects, in the same countries, with the same type of expertise, and roughly the same products and services… same, same, same. It’s a perpetual ‘me too’ situation. When each company’s reputation is a carbon copy of the other, what’s left in your biz dev efforts besides playing on price?”

Not only is pricing impacted by this lack of real differentiation, it has an effect on the hiring and retention of top talent, mergers and acquisitions, advertising—you name it.

So how does a leading company set their brand in motion and move it to the front of the pack?

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