Creating transformative media experiences

We are a fully integrated team obsessed with media performance and context, offering agility and solid buying power. We deliver transformative media experiences through a media-agnostic approach.

Our belief

We believe that we have to deserve people’s attention with pertinent and engaging creative. Content might be king, but context is queen.

We develop mesmeric media paths that focus on people’s real life experiences. Today, relevance is about reaching people in the right context, when they are ready to receive an insightful message.

The success of our approach relies on turning ideas into business results and award-winning campaigns.

It’s about finding the balance between what is measurable and what’s helping a brand to thrive in the long term. It’s about delivering lasting human experiences and avoiding the pitfall of data dystrophy.

Our pillars

With an outstanding media-agnostic approach and actionable lessons, we are breaking through the clutter and always moving forward.

We use various data sources to capture the right audience with the right experience. If the source doesn’t exist, we’ll create it.

We understand business objectives and make them actionable. We go beyond the traditional media frontier and optimize in real time to become more relevant and maximize every media dollar spent.

A nimble team backed by the power of a best-in-class media group

We offer solid media planning and buying power thanks to our partnership with Omnicom Media Group. The success of our media approach relies on relentless performance measurement, in-depth contextualization and seamless integration with Sid Lee’s creative process, all backed by Sid Lee’s Studio, which provides the best combination of efficiency, execution and activation.


Media planning and buying

  1. Media strategy and planning
  2. Blocking chart
  3. Media placement and negotiation
  4. Billing and administration
  5. Media efficiency report

Media performance and data management

  1. Tactic qualification based on strategic objective
  2. Report configuration and dashboarding
  3. Optimization reports
  4. Multichannel tracking strategies and tool integration
  5. Real-time data intelligence (DMS and DMP)


  1. Create/optimize/manage campaigns
  2. Always-on optimization, reporting
  3. Acquisition management, billing and administration
  4. SEO analysis
  5. On-site optimization
  6. Link building
  7. Ongoing optimization
  8. Organic results domination strategies

Influencer outreach and broadcast alliances

  1. Influencer programs (match making, market)
  2. Native marketing
  3. Seeding.
  4. Content broadcasters and production partnerships
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