The maker engine

at the core of

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140 makers - Creative Technologists, Engineers, Architects, Content Creators, Event Producers, Directors, Motion Designers, Editors and Script Writers with in-house capabilities, including on-site editing, shooting and sound facilities, help scope and bring your ideas to life.

─ Overview

A Maker Hub at the Core of Sid Lee’s International Operations

Sid Lee Studio is a global team of 100+ creative technologists, engineers, architects, content creators, and event producers exploring the integration of content, technology and customer experiences. By doing so, we are rethinking both traditional agency and production company structures.

Sid Lee Studio offers agile services and competencies of a complete multi-disciplinary production studio, interactive tech solutions, emerging media solutions, live events and more.

We have in-house talent, production studios, editing suites and audio/video equipment.

For clients, it can mean direct access to experience artisans when it matters most.

With Sid Lee Studio teams in every one of our offices around the world, our agency has a powerful and unique working relationship with maker minds — one that can have a significant impact on bringing ideas to life.





─ Story

Bringing makers
together for the
Experience Economy

─ Story

Bringing makers together for the Experience Economy

We were makers way before this term became fashionable. Sid Lee Studio is the love-child of a union of four Sid Lee units that have been successful for years: Jimmy Lee, our progressive cross-platform production studio; Sid Lee Tech, Sid Lee Labs, and Sid Lee Entertainment. Merging these thriving units was a bold move but it proved to be a great decision to foster the total integration of all forms of production.

The result is a single, cohesive collaborative team: our production, technical R&D, and live events departments all thrive together in a single unit powered by an ability to master digital and physical environments to create truly transformative experiences. 

Consumers encounter these experiences through traditional media, interactive platforms, live events and installations, apps, omni-channel solutions and more. In keeping with our silo-free philosophy, we foster an environment in which professionals and artisans from all disciplines feed and inspire one another with distinctive but complimentary skill sets.

─ Thinking

An agency that’s truly maker-driven

- Thinking

An agency that's truly maker-driven

Most agencies delegate production to outside vendors and simply act as middlemen. This approach makes production more complicated and expensive as it should be.

Our guiding principles are as follows:

  • Do It Yourself: agencies must produce, not just delegate production (but we must collaborate with best in class outside talent).
  • Be agile: modern production should be simpler, faster and cost efficient.
  • Integrate disciplines: all forms of production must now live together.
  • Elevate the idea: production is more than delivery, craft must elevate our creative work.
  • Start at the start: production is longer sequential, we need producers at the very inception of projects.

─ Services


─ Services

Multidisciplinary & collaborative experts sharing skills & knowledge



  • 140+ Content Creators, Live Action Producers, Creative Technologists, Software Engineers, Events Producers, Architects & Interior Designers
  • Small, bespoke teams
  • Zero silos






Whether we’re shooting an anthemic commercial on-location, negotiating global publishing rights, or deploying an agile field production team to capture a live event, we understand the lifecycle of content and how best to optimize production around the evolving needs of our clients. With a world-class reputation, 60 content-savvy professionals backed by a network of creators from around the world, and our in-house studios and editing facilities, we deliver quality commercials, webseries, TV shows, and social media contents, at the speed (and cost) of the internet age.





From pop-up brand activations to bricks-and mortar retail environments, our team of architects,interior designers, and event producers transforms brands into living experiences by integrating technology & communications into their design process. Our 15-year relationship with Cirque du Soleil and our ability to connect events into brand strategy has made us a trusted partner for global brands. We also created and curate the largest innovation event in the world: C2 Montreal.





We were one of few trailblazer digital firms in the '90s.  Our 20 years of experience and 300 digitally savvy professionals make us a solid digital partner, from building solutions to managing social media. We’ve grown that expertise into a fully stacked team capable of enriching every step of the consumer journey through applied technologies and enterprise platforms. From e-commerce to innovative brand experiences at the cusp of the physical and digital worlds, we help clients understand how to leverage emerging technologies that enhance the consumer experience by auditing possibilities, combining technologies, and building prototypes.

Sid Lee digital offering


─ Team Management Team

Sid Lee Studio employs one of the most multi-disciplinary teams in the world: writers, producers, 3-D artists, motion designers, journalists, videographers, directors, programmers, engineers, architects & interior designers, editors and many more skilled artisans.

We also nurture a network of collaborators in more than 20 cities around the world to support us with on the ground execution. 

The group is led by an international team of seasoned professionals from the fields of audiovisual production and technology production.