─ Story Just a bunch
of broke,
ambitious kids

─ Story

To say that our company began very modestly is an understatement. A bunch of students got together in 1993 to launch an agency because they could not even land interviews at traditional agencies. With no portfolio, no experience, no clients, and no money (except for a $6,000 loan each!), we set out to learn the craft. We worked hard, made bold moves, ran into a few bumps, but were lucky enough to have clients who supported us in our quest to explore new ways of doing things.

This progressive attitude and a real knack for digital and other progressive disciplines made Sid Lee an innovative force globally and allowed us to win assignments all over the world.
We elect to transform the agency even when the going is good, embracing change and never heeding the siren song of the status quo. Sid Lee has repeatedly morphed itself — sometimes by taking real risks — to better adapt to changing consumers, technologies, and markets. An interactive marketing trailblazer, we were one of the few digital firms, if not the only, to become a full-service provider.

Our unique journey taught us to really appreciate how lucky we are to be together, to work with prestigious clients, and to have fun in the process.
Did you know?
Did you know Sid Lee's first client was a plumber and that the founders had never set foot in an agency, not even once? We did not have email before 1994 but we did our first digital projects in 1995...
Did you know?
Did you know Sid Lee did its first big international projects in 2003. Strangely, the biggest project that year was for a biblical show in Amish country in Pennsylvania, USA...
Five years later, we opened our Amsterdam office and we completed assignments in Germany, Japan, the UK, Gibraltar (yes, that's right), France, and Dubai, to name a few places we travelled to that year.
Did you know?
Did you know we got stuck in our first temporary (and tiny) office in NYC for almost a year because Hurricane Sandy delayed permits for our Tribeca office.
That year, Sid Lee reached 500 professionals from 27 countries and speaking 23 languages.