─ Q&A with Sid Questions we often get
about our company
No matter how much we write about Sid Lee,
the same questions keep popping up.
So let's try to answer them clearly and briefly.

─ Q&A with Sid

Question 1

The big hairy question:
How is Sid Lee different?

The five main differentiators are:

1. We are possibly the most multidisciplinary team in the world.

2. We create transformative consumer experiences. For example, if we work with a retailer, we might reimagine and produce the entire experience including the physical store, website, social campaign, branded content, activations, loyalty, etc.
If, on the other hand, we work on just one specific assignment – developing an app, for example – our holistic thinking still plays an important role. In this case, our understanding of how this particular project fits into the overall experience helps us achieve greater resonance.

3. We work globally. With more than 27 countries represented in our team, we have a truly international culture.  

4. We are owned by a group of 50+ passionate entrepreneurs who work day-in and day-out with clients. We also have experiential trailblazer Cirque du Soleil as a shareholder.  

5. We have digital roots that form a solid foundation in a marketplace where innovation is often technology-driven.

Agency of the year for the fourth time in five years
- Marketing Magazine, 2009-2010-2011-2013 

Question 2

Why should
I care?

Like most keen observers of the current economic environment, our fundamental belief is that a better consumer experience yields better business results. Many companies have recently risen to preeminence specifically because of their ability to propose a coherent and meticulously crafted experience across all interactions and communications.

Our work with clients has often led to dramatic results rooted in a methodical transformation of their interactions with consumers at all contact points.
Here are a few examples in which our work was a contributing factor (sometimes modest, sometimes instrumental) to success.
  • A telco company: revenue rose from $1B to $2.4B over four years
  • An apparel company: sales increased by 16% over a few months
  • A retailer: profits rose from $700M to $1B after years of sluggish growth

The Experience Economy is here.
- Forrester Research 

Question 3

You do so many things, how can you be good at all of them?

Actually, we only do one thing: We create transformative experiences. While doing it well certainly requires a wide diversity of skills, our 600 people are all united in this aim.

Quite simply, where other agencies may qualify differences between marketing disciplines, we see them unified in our goal of creating resonant and coherent experiences.

This does not mean we are all generalists. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our approach relies on blending strategists who provide breadth of thinking to specialists who bring the depth of their particular craft. We believe that having this combination of thinking and skills in-house proves more fruitful than ad hoc collaboration between different companies that lack a shared culture, experience, and agenda.
Question 4

What if we only have one specific need?

We complete many one-off projects for clients, but always ground our work in a deeper understanding of the larger context. Whatever the ask, it's always important to evaluate the overall business realities before diving into execution.
Questioning our assumptions helps us arrive at a new understanding: Part of our expertise is working with clients to define the actual need, which occasionally may not be the perceived one.
Question 5

Is Sid Lee a creative boutique?

We have earned a solid creative reputation and are very proud of it. However, the “creative boutique” moniker would be misleading because we believe that strategy must lead, not creative. We have a solid strategy team of more than 30 professionals that lays the foundations for our creative endeavours.
We get along with clients looking for business partners and we tend to avoid punctual creative shootouts that do not offer an opportunity to sink our teeth into a commercial challenge.

For this reason, we define our service offering as commercial creativity.