The atelier where it all started

Croped SL portrait

Two guys, one dream and a big city

That’s how it all started, how the Montreal atelier became what it is today. It takes 350 artisans who always want to push the envelope, an amazing set of skills brought together to achieve incredible projects, and a desire to create that’s just as strong today as it was on the very first day. But it also takes gatherings to celebrate the times we rocked (Rock On Awards) and the times we failed miserably (Moron Awards), to tell it like it is (Naked Lunch), and to just have fun (Sid Lee Day). All of this, immersed in the sweet scent of cookies. With breakfasts, lunches, and endless snacks, our two chefs make it very hard to concentrate and get any work done around here. Instead, we go jogging to keep our figure.

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