Vito Piazza

Global Chief Executive Officer

A pragmatic creative and a powerful team player, Vito is a driving force and a true ambassador for Sid Lee’s creative community. As a long-time partner, he strives to build a thriving workplace for our artisans, as well as relevant and innovative experiences for our clients. As a relentless advocate for the importance of fostering a creative culture, he is known for infusing creativity in everything he does, whether it’s business strategy or community involvement and personal projects.

Throughout his 15+ years at Sid Lee, Vito has been instrumental in establishing our roots in Canada, the U.S. and Europe, and nurturing client and partner relationships that lead to longstanding collaborations. Vito’s strong entrepreneurial expertise and business acumen are surpassed only by his profound love for his family and soccer. A good day for Vito is one in which he gets to help our clients and artisans achieve their aspirations and objectives, continue to build an inspiring and thriving organization, and cook breakfast and dinner for his family.