Melissa Palazzo-Hart

Chief Operating Officer, Sid Lee USA

Melissa has over 20 years of experience in building powerful brands, scaling businesses, and optimizing operations. Throughout her career, her energy, ambition and commercial creativity have enabled her to build strong relationships with agencies, networks, studios and many of the world’s most prestigious brands. Her passion is in unleashing the infinite potential within people by helping individuals and teams see and live beyond perceived limits. She regularly speaks about our state of mind and its impact on performance in businesses worldwide. Most recently, she was the Managing Director of Eclipse Advertising, where she piloted their creative division. Prior to that, she served as President of Ant Farm and has also held leadership positions at Ketchum Public Relations, USA Networks, Miramax Films and Sony Pictures.

As a member of Sid Lee USA’s leadership team, her guidance bolsters our ability to deliver creative and operational excellence. A problem-solver by nature, she empowers cross-office collaborations within Sid Lee USA, with all of Sid Lee’s community, and with sister kyu companies by removing barriers and realizing new ways of working that foster collaboration. Outside of work, Melissa serves on the executive board of A Place Called Home, a community-based organization that focuses on creating positive opportunities for children and teens in South Central Los Angeles. She is also an executive member of Women in Film and YPO Hollywood, and the chairperson of Farragut Elementary School Site Council.