Fanny Eliaers

Director, Growth and Innovation

As a proud SDG advocate and societal actor, Fanny fosters global partnerships and alliances that bring a mosaic of voices together to accelerate transformation towards a more responsible way of doing business. She brings this unifying mentality to all client programs, sparking new partnerships and lasting relationships. She is head and heart in motion.

Fanny has been building digital experiences for the past 12 years across different sectors, such as automotive, consumer goods, luxury, entertainment and consumer electronics. Appointed a board member of C2 Montreal, Fanny is currently helping Sid Lee responsibly build and grow its transformation practice while managing global client relationships. She is a mother of two, a coconut enthusiast, and a chocolate lover. In her spare time, you’ll find her picking beautiful ingredients at the farmer’s market and strolling through the city on her bicycle with her kids.