Bertrand Cesvet

CEO, Senior Partner

For the first 19 years of his career, Bertrand assumed the role of Executive Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer, focusing on business development, leading client relationships, and driving organizational vision. But in 2017, he and Jean-François Bouchard did something seldom seen in business: They swapped roles, and Bertrand took over our day-to-day operations as CEO.

In his spare time, Bertrand has authored a best-selling book called Conversational Capital; formulated the insight that gave birth to C2 Montréal along with Jean-François Bouchard and Daniel Lamarre; earned a Doctorate Honoris Causa in literature from McGill University; and sat on the boards of several organizations, including IDEO, C2 International, and Caisse de dépôts et de placements du Québec. People who work closely with him know that he always (and we mean always) says exactly what he thinks. They also know him as an aspiring Iron Chef, avid tennis player, and proud dad of two adult daughters.