Bertrand Cesvet

Executive Chairman

As executive chairman, Bertrand works side by side with the global chief executive officer on setting the firm’s strategic vision and growth agenda. In addition to his collaboration with our executive leadership team, Bertrand works directly with clients to provide strategic insights on business and communications-related issues. He plays a key role in international business development and leads the firm’s mergers and acquisitions efforts.

Bertrand has authored a bestselling book called Conversational Capital; formulated the insight that gave birth to C2 Montréal along with Jean-François Bouchard and Daniel Lamarre; earned a doctorate honoris causa in literature from McGill University; and sat on the boards of several high-profile organizations, including IDEO, kyu, C2 International, and Caisse de dépôts et de placements du Québec. People who work closely with him know that he always (and we mean always) says exactly what he thinks. In his spare time — yes, he has some — he is an avid tennis fan, an aspiring chef, and a jazz connoisseur.